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A Psychedelic Music Video Accompanies The Latest BALTIMORE Release ‘Secret Melodies’.

This week we are bringing you the latest track from Belgium psych indie band Baltimore titled ‘Secret Melodies‘. One of the strangest things about this five-piece is that we haven’t heard their music before. I mean, I am sat here now just wondering how we haven’t been able to hear this before. Truly, it’s an amazing piece of material.

The band formed in 2014, and while to me that doesn’t seem like too long ago (I still feel like the 90’s was about 5 years ago), it’s clearly been a beneficial amount of time for the band as they have such a draw and chemistry to them that you love to love them. There’s a tonality throughout the track that really resonates with me. I can imagine that it would do this for a variety of individuals should they manage to hear the bands work.

The five-piece interestingly consists of three bothers who had formed the band in their Belgian town of Molenbeersal. They have seen themselves selected twice for a music competition for “De Nieuwe Lichting”, a music competition from national radio station “Studio Brussel”. We can hear them embedding influences that inspire them such as Tame Impala and Mac Demarco amongst others.

This track has made us thankful for discovering the band, we are sure that you’ll have feelings that are just as similar.

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