Nexus Music Blog was started from humble beginnings in 2017 with the aim of highlighting artists that were both ignored by bigger platforms yet unique enough to deserve the credit and coverage that they were seeking. We started as a one-person team throughout 2017 and swiftly grew heading into 2018. We now have a team of five and we cover a broad range of topics which include reviews, interviews, live events, premieres, playlists and much more.

We set out to do something different with the blog for our readership by using our contacts to introduce audiences to various behind the scenes individuals to promote insights and industry practices. To date, we have had the privilege of interviewing industry leaders and pioneers such as Abbie McCarthy (Radio 1 and BBC Kent Introducing) and Tom Dalgety (Producer/Mix Engineer for artists such as Royal Blood, Ghost) through our features titled Nexus Meets… Industry and Nexus Meets… Producer respectfully. Since the inception of our Nexus Meets… feature, we have branched out to include Nexus Meets… Artist which gives detailed insight into the various aspects of artists behind the scenes.

In Q2 of 2018, we grew our platform and went self-hosted in a bid to bring you more content than ever before. This inspired us to tackle the area of mental health, disabilities and general health concerns surrounding those who work in the industry through our Nexus Supports… feature. Nexus Supports… Includes personal accounts from the Nexus team and those further afield to shine a continued light and commitment onto sensitive subjects. Our overall goal is to inspire further community amongst music lovers, fans and individuals and bring further understanding to subjects that have been falsely surrounded by various taboo.

We have even bigger plans for the end of 2018-2019 and hope that you will continue your support for us and we go from a little-known blog, into a developing, modern and fair team of supporters for all areas of music, from the back of house, right the way through to the artist, fans, performances and health concerns that surround the industry.

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