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Album Review: A Monument to Silence // Alustrium

Alustrium return with their brand new album A Monument to Silence.  The album will be released through Unique Leader Records and is a blistering assault of technical death metal that recalls Between the Buried and Me, along with the band’s fierce brutality.

Four tracks in, and the dynamics of this album are very strong. The aggressive riffs are mixed with beautiful melodies, especially on the eight-minute epic ‘The Accuser.’ This song has some savage chugs and an almost metalcore structure. This works because it makes their sound more diverse. It helps broaden the album out because there’s something for everyone.

Sometimes, death metal albums can feel predictable. I was expecting the album to accelerate at breakneck speed. For example, on ‘Deliverance For the Damned’ the drumming is faster than a Formula One Car. However, the album is focused on melody and that’s really great to hear. The title track is the closer and it’s an epic at 10 minutes long. I think that this song brings together all the best bits of the album: guttural screams, powerful chugs, and a massive climax at the end which rounds things off nicely.

A Monument to Silence combines the best bits of death metal and turns it into a melodic listen. It will gain Alustrium a wider fanbase because each track has something that most metal fans should enjoy. If you’re a fan of progressive death metal with thrilling intense elements, you’re sure to love this.   

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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