Album Review: Abyss Pt 1 // Annisokay

Annisokay have taken the metalcore scene by storm. I always look forward to seeing what they’re going to bring to the table next. I reckon on this latest EP, “Abyss Pt 1” it is going to be heavy and furious. It is over in 18 minutes, so I think I’m going to put some noise cancelling earphones in and see what this is all about.

My first thought is that I really like the album cover. It is very anime/manga inspired. I think some of the music on here is the heaviest in Annisokay’s catalogue. The heaviness actually crushed my face, it is astounding. The nu metal riffs of “Human”, and “Ultraviolet” are melodic and  utterly infectious. The chopped up synths of the latter song are really creative too. 

“Time” has a lot of energy to it as well, the soaring vocals really drive the song forward. The chorus is the catchiest thing on the EP, rounding off an enjoyable listen. It’s always great seeing what Annisokay come out with, and I am sure Part 2 will be a treat. 


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos



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