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Album Review: Ancient Geometry // VEXES

Vexes are a band who have brutal, crunchy riffs. There is an ethereal presence that is reminiscent of Deftones. On their recent album, ‘Ancient Geometry’, they take this concoction of sounds and put them into a melting pot of epicness.

The album has some big bruising riffs that melt the listeners face, especially on lead single ‘Helion’, which opens the album. It is interesting to see bands who take influence from the nu-metal scene, but VEXES add their own bit of experimentation. ‘No Color’ features a rapping segment from Islander’s Mikey Carvajal, which works really well, adding something different to the record.

‘Lush’ is one of the best songs on the album. It has a catchy radio-friendly hook, with a chorus that gets stuck in your head. I did find, however, that there are elements which don’t work that well, such as on ‘Head Over Heels.’ While the piano adds a bit of experimentation to the band’s sound, it feels out of place with the ethereal sounds of the album.

Despite this, ‘Ancient Geometry’ is a very enjoyable album, with some beautiful soundscapes and huge riffs. If they expand on this sound, they could be huge in the future.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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