Album Review: BATS // Gama Bomb

With the sound of an open door comes Gama Bomb’s brand new album. The Irish Thrash metallers wormed their way into my heart back in 2012 when a good friend of mine showed me their album Citizen Brain. So good was this album, that it deserved a re listen, and from there I got into their album The Terror Tapes, which was also class. Earlier this year, they released an album called BATS, which I have thoroughly enjoyed. 

The Egyptian influences of “Egyptron” add to this thrash metal twist, as the lyrics speak of an entity known as the Iron Pharoah, who has been mummified and has the power to reignite memories from years ago. It is fucking madness and a joy to listen to. You think you’ve seen it. Oh, we haven’t even started. “Living Dead in Beverley Hills” takes a bit from Grieg’s “In the Hall Of the Mountain King”, which is brilliant, adding to the element of fun the band are having. 

The album speeds by, with the insanely catchy “Rusted Gold” with a thrashy riff that goes all over the place. The double kicks hit you in the face, especially the chorus. Fantastic, the band has gone even madder, but at the same time, it is a sound that is quintessentially Gama Bomb. A band who just knows how to have fun, they offer a unique sound that you can’t get enough of. 

“Speed Funeral” is another metal thrashing mad song, that has big gang vocals that remind me strongly of Anthrax. With a rip roaring solo during the middle, it’s clear that this means business. However, the best song is “Bats In Your Hair”, the final track. With snarling classic rock type vocals during the chorus, it ids pretty fantastic. It slows down at around the 2:12 mark, then fuck me, a sax solo! In a thrash song?! This makes me sit up and take notice. It is utterly bonkers, finishing things off with a flourish. 

As previously mentioned in the review, Gama Bomb knows how to have fun. They show this on BATS, which will please anyone who loves a high energy and easy to listen album. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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