Album Review: BED OF NAILS // Florence Black

Florence Black, with 73K monthly listeners on Spotify, are a rock trio from Wales. My first experience with them was their quieter, more soulful song “Grove Street”, which I listen to on my commute to work. They have an album out which they released earlier in the year called “Bed of Nails”.

I was initially very thrown off by the early 00s influenced opening track “Start Again.” But then I listened to it again and that riff has power to it. It adds motivation to your day and gets you started. Even on “DON’T HOLD ME DOWN”, fucking hell that southern rock riff in the middle is so powerful, the guitars have a thick meaty tone to it.

Perhaps it’s the break from music that has all of a sudden got me excited. I know this style of music isn’t popular with everyone but fuck it. That title track, as simplistic as it is, the guitar riff sounds so mean, it has shades of Pantera and Drowning Pool in it, especially on that mini solo. And that chorus is going to get stuck in my head too. Christ, what a song. This is my jam.

However, I really don’t like “LOOK UP”, in comparison it’s a bit dull and the chorus is weak. We’re halfway through and I feel like this is how an album should sound. I like the acoustic beginning of “WARNING SOUND” and then transitions into that Nickelback style radio rock chorus. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but it’s fun to listen to.

Indebted to those classic bands such as Aerosmith and Guns N’ Roses, the solo in “BEAUTIFUL LOVER” offers something different. I think music is a mood thing. I’m getting some Clutch vibes on the driving power trip of “THE WAY HOME” while being surprised at how much fun I’m having writing this. I think this is the type of album that can get you out of a funk and sounds fab, this band knows how to write a good song or 12 and it really shows on this album. They’ve taken the sleaze of the 80s and repackaged it into something awesome. There’s a reference point that’s really been fucking bugging me across this entire album. On “ROCKIN’ RING”, I have my answer. Black Stone Cherry. I fucking love this band, and find myself dancing to this tune. It confirms my feelings that this album is very very good.

The chorus in “THE FOREST” is pretty glorious and catchy: “Can you catch me in the morning? / Can you catch me in the night”, another one that will be planted in my head.Yeah, this album is great. While it might not add much new to the rock scene, that doesn’t stop it from being a barrel of fun, full of massive soulful singalongs. A great find.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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