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Album Review: Betrayal // Cordyceps

There’s plenty of brutal death metal bands that have appeared over the last few years. While some are extremely melodic, Cordyceps’ sound is violent.

I think ‘Betrayal’ is a good album because it contains some banging grooves, but some tracks sound very similar.

I love how devastating the album is because some of the riffs are catchy – especially on ‘Parallel Disonance.’ It shows their playing is tight. But they still bring a nasty attitude to their songs. On the flipside, some tracks feel lost in the mix because you can’t tell them apart. Perhaps the band could use some unnerving strings to create an even darker approach because it’s what they do best. It would separate them from the pack so they can make their sound diverse.

Despite these minor gripes, ‘Betrayal’ is still an enjoyable listen. When they get their riffs right, they pull you in. If you like your death metal on the brutal pummeling side, ‘Betrayal’ will be perfect for you.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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