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Album Review: Borders // Purify

Borders are a heavy band from Lincoln. Inspired by Parkway Drive and Hacktivist, they have an uncompromising, brutal sound. On their debut album ‘Purify’, there is a vicious edge coupled with some huge production. This helps them stand out. Their talent has not gone unnoticed, as they have earned support slots with Skindred and Whitechapel.

What helps Borders stand out is the rapped vocals alongside the crushing hardcore screams. This is evident in ‘Damage Everything.’ It is a brutal track with a main riff that will get stuck in your head quickly. The lyrics are about the state of the world today, and delivered with snarling honesty. But their songwriting is catchy. The dual guitars are layered very nicely on ‘Bad Blood’, and ‘Demons Reach’ which make the angry impact even more noticeable. The latter track would suit a moshpit with its colossal riffs.

‘A World Apart’ is the best track on the album, showcasing a chunky breakdown, one of the heaviest of this year. ‘Faded’ shows that the band have a sound of their own, and it really stands out. There’s a nu-metal bounce in this track but the band also bring their own flavour and dynamic to the mix. ‘Walking Dead’, the last track, brings a massive chugging riff, combining all their influences. It is a stinging criticism of the government, and you can feel the honesty in the vocals.

The diversity on ‘Purify’ offers something refreshing, but retains a brutal energy. The outcome is unique, with the passionate vocals sure to resonate with listeners and gain a wider audience.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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