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Album Review: Chemical Daydream // The Alchemy

The Alchemy’s music is a big sound that is their own take on modern Brit Rock. The band, from Canterbury, has earned a reputation by touring with Mallory Knox and I Am Giant.  They enlisted I Am Giant’s bassist Paul Matthews to produce their debut album, ‘Chemical Daydream’, which came out in March.

‘Chemical Daydream’ has moments that help them stand out. The thing that defines them is their use of atmospheric synths. Rhys Taylor’s emotional vocals pack a punch as well, particularly on ‘Runaway’. The big guitars and crashing drums in the chorus elevates this song.

‘Take Me Alive’ also contains this energy; the lead and rhythm guitars syncing together perfectly with the soaring chorus. The passion in the vocals is evident, especially in the chorus: “You’ll never be the one to break me, you’ll never be the one to take me alive.” The synths on recent single ‘Better the Devil You Know’ crash against the guitars, making or a huge soundscape.

On seventh track ‘Give Me the Sky’, there is an infectious chorus and gang vocals work very well. It helps give off a heavier vibe which manifests itself later on in the album. ‘We’re All Just Criminals’ is a faster paced song, which gets the blood racing. The energy on this track is brilliant to hear, adding some bite and aggression to the album.

There is an abundance of passion on ‘Chemical Daydream’, which is a joy to listen to. It shows that The Alchemy is a force to be reckoned with, and definitely a band you should keep your eyes peeled on.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

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