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Album Review: Compelled to Repeat // Beggar

Emerging from Bristol, Beggar are a mix of blistering anger and chunky riffs. They combine elements of stoner and extreme metal, but they’ve also got plenty of groove to them. The band are going to release debut album Compelled to Repeat’ in April.

I think the album is full of crunchy riffs. Charlie Davis’ screams could open the gates of Hell because he goes full throttle, especially on ‘Tentanless the Graves.’ You feel his anger and frustration throughout the album because it reflects the uncertain times that we live in. The unexpected gutturals work well with the droning guitars.

The Crowbar-influenced riffs are what make this record shine. They help create a bleak atmosphere, for example on the title track and ‘Blood Moon.’ They work because they’re melodic and catchy. Furthermore, I think the crunchy rhythm gives them a heavy dynamic because it puts the bleak message across perfectly.

‘Compelled to Repeat’ is a furious statement of intent from Beggar. They’ve already supported Eyehategod and appeared at Bloodstock, so the album could set them onto bigger things.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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