Album Review: Directors Cuts// To the Grave

This year has been a solid release for metal albums. The scene is in rude health. Personally, with a couple of metal gigs coming up, such as Lorna Shore and Carcass, I am excited about what awaits.

One of the bands i saw this year was To the Grave, who supported the superb Shadow of Intent in Southampton. I was impressed with their screams but equally unfamiliar with their music. That changed when I listened to their varied deathcore album Directors Cuts.
The record is incredibly hard hitting, with songs such as “Full Sequence” being insanely powerful. The variation of the vocals recalls Lorna Shore and the transition from high screams to pig squeals is mesmerising.

Protest and Sever features a cracking solo that gives the album some variation. This is of course, followed by a bruising breakdown in Manhunt” that wounds. The drumming in this song during the transition is top notch, too, while the resulting solo offers bags of melody. My goodness, that gave me goosebumps.

I can see why this band is gaining plenty of traction. The pig squeals are on another level while the riffs are mouthwatering. A fantastic find. To the Grave will be onto bigger things soon, watch this space!

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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