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Album review: Douse // Hypophora

Hypophora was formed in 2012 in Cornwall. Blending post-hardcore with math-rock influences, they have risen to prominence supporting the likes of He is Legend and Allusondrugs over the years, earning themselves a bigger fanbase in the process. The band release their new album ‘Douse’ in September so it will be interesting how these influences come together.

Opening with the slow but enticing intro ‘Mercurial’, the listener gets an idea of how strong the harmonies are. This sets the tone for most of the album, leading nicely into ‘Behave.’ The production is raw, organic, and contains bags of attitude, with a Marmozets-esque solo. The vocals are what sets the album apart, in particular on both ‘Sorcerers’ and ‘Headlines.’ The former contains a soaring chorus, while the latter incorporates smooth jazz guitars and a lounge vibe in the bridge. This shows that the band can expand on different genres.



As the album goes on, it is clear to see why this band stands out, with the heavy riffs containing a lot of bite, while the vocals are full of conviction. For example, recent single ‘Spires’ has an intro reminiscent of ‘Tears Don’t Fall’ by Bullet For My Valentine, showing metal influences, but the melodic guitars counterbalance with the heavy riffs. It’s not all good though, ‘To Hear, Listen’ is forgettable generic post-hardcore, however, ‘Smiling (Numb)’ mixes a beautiful acoustic guitar with passionate vocal delivery.


On the whole, ‘Douse’ is a very strong offering, combining an amalgamation in genres and is bound to increase Hypophora’s reputation. It’s well worth your time, and if you’re a fan of Arcane Roots or Marmozets, you’re sure to love this album.


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos


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