Album Review: Echo // Ivy Crown

Ivy Crown are a Danish metalcore band. They’ve gained a lot of popularity because of their face-melting riffs and strong harmonies. Their recent single, ‘Lonesome and Cold’ has been streamed over 220,000 times, while the band earned their stripes through playing shows in Denmark and the UK. The band released their debut album ‘Echo’ in October, so it’ll be interesting to hear their take on metalcore.

‘Lonesome and Cold’ is a brilliant opener because of its melodic chorus. The first three songs are superb because the songwriting is strong. For example, the lyrics on ‘Run’ are about survival and freedom which is very empowering. ‘It’s a Hell’ is a stunning hard rock track with a chorus that will get stuck in your head for weeks.

There are some eye-catching guest vocalists on this album, for example, Kadeem France from Loathe. He provides some brutal screams on ‘Bad Dream’, making way for a brutal breakdown which will get your head banging. Ivy Crown can mix up different styles too because ‘Our Worst Days’ is influenced by punk rock. Furthermore, you can feel the passion in Maria’s vocals, especially in the chorus.

The album ends positively, with final track ‘Rising’ summing up the feelings of freedom in the lyrics “rising from a broken heart.” ‘Echo’ is a very good album because it has plenty of memorable hooks, ensuring that Ivy Crown are heading for bigger things in the future.

Lead feature image credit: Sebastian Stigsby Photography 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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