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Album Review: Esoteric // Weekend Recovery

Weekend Recovery is back with their long awaited third album, “Esoteric” which promises plenty. As a long time fan, I think both the band and their live show get better every time and have had the pleasure of hearing some of these songs get their debut live performance a few months back, I am extremely excited by what is in store. They have been played on Radio 6 Music and Radio X too, so more people are hearing of Weekend Recovery’s greatness.

Opener “Chemtrails is fast and frenetic with its catchy chorus that is befitting of this band. I can tell that the vocals have a snarling edge to them and were made to be performed live. The guitars have bite and aggression to them too, and at just over 2 minutes, it really packs a punch. This is such a powerful opener. I cannot wait to hear what’s next.

“Dangerous” has a big synth to start us off with and could be about a dangerous person. The chorus of “you are so dangero-o-o-o-o-us” is honestly gonna get stuck in my head; these repetitive vocal refrains are earworms to lift you out of a slump. The raw guitars at 1:53 are up there with the most punk thing I’ve heard all year, and the sirens put the listener on red alert. I like the crowd noise on “In the Crowd”, and it reminded me of when the band went into the crowd at their London show. The bass is in fact, very prominent in this song, and it has this aggressive, distorted bite to it. Oooh, I like the vocals from Joel from Hydeout; they remind me of Bob Vylan because they have that snarling punk edge.

This is a sound of a band that has got angrier. I wondered how they would top Fasle Company because I rinsed that album and still have it on heavy rotation. But on the spacey title track, this sounded really heavy live. I felt it set the band apart massively because the fact that they could write a song like this with a massive bassline is fantastic. It is still my favourite from the album because the vocal delivery is full of passion. Especially when she sings “The writings on the wall”, I think that this will be a hit live.

I’m not even just saying this, this is one of my favourite albums of the year already, and we are only halfway through. “The Knife” brings it down to a disco type funk session. A slow breather. Very nice. Again, catchy chorus. This version of “No Guts, All the Glory”, I really like it because the bass is right up there in your face. The vocal interplay is very strong, carrying the song. The breakdown is nasty as well.

I think the songs with Joel are up there with my favourites. Especially the chorus, there are lots of vocal harmonies, and it makes me want to jump up and down. Especially the chorus of “I’m no saint I’m deranged / even I’ve got a limit”, you feel that Lori is about to blow and lose her temper. You feel it in the vocals, and it is fabulous.

I think “It’s all about the fall” from The Fall is incredibly catchy and an instant earworm. Weekend Recovery knows how to write a great pop song that will get stuck in your brain.

Every single track on this album is an absolute banger. It is proof that Weekend Recovery are fantastic songwriters, aiming to push themselves to the very top. It is obvious to me that they have some talent and judging by “Esoteric” they are going to go very far indeed.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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