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Album Review: Eternity // A Wake In Providence

Unique Leader has long been one of my favourite labels for heavy music. You know what you’re getting with it. Something that is unbelievably heavy and will blow your mind and your neck. One of these is Eternity, the brand new album from New York deathcore band A Wake In Providence. Let’s see what this is about!

What I found interesting about this band is that they previously had Lorna Shore’s current vocalist Will Ramos. But now they have a new singer in Adam Mercer. His vocals on this album are absolutely top notch. They elevate this band to ridiculous levels, especially on “The Horror ov the Old Gods” because the crushing vocal performance combined with the atmospheric synths adds something different. We’ve even got some black metal influence here on the next track, “We Are Eternity”. The guitars cut deep like a knife to the throat because they are very fast and add urgency to the song. It impresses me that the guitarist, D’Andre Tyler, also does the orchestration. That is really cool because they make the album a hell of a lot darker.

Not only that but there are some incredible solos as well, including on “The Court ov the Trinity” which bring a new dynamic to the song. The drums are pummeling because they create a strong rhythm that will make you break your neck when head banging. 

We then have a quick interlude which breaks up the tension. The title of the last song is called “Vicious Attenuation”, and it is so brutal. The vocals and the riffs are face melting and delightful to listen to, and a solid way to end the album. 

I think that the black metal influence on Eternity sets a Wake In Providence apart from their contemporaries, while the vocal performance was enjoyable to listen to because it was high up in the mix and created a crushing impact. The orchestral elements contributed to the atmospheric sound, resulting in a wonderful album.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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