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Album Review: Exist Immortal // Exist Immortal

Exist Immortal make brutal tech metal that infuses a massive sound. Big guitars and stunning solos. They have their new album coming out on 14th  October. Let’s see what it sounds like. 

Out the gates, we have the opener, “Behind the Eyes” which kicks things off with a riff that hits harder than a battering ram. Alongside that, the lead guitar is something special, reminiscent strongly of Monuments. The guitar tone is mechanical, heavy, and brutal. But what makes this song stand out even more, is the vocalist because of his incredible range. He soars like an eagle, setting the scene for the rest of the album.

I think the pop influences lend themselves well to the second song, “Signal Fire” because, quite honestly, that chorus slaps! The vocals soar high like an eagle and take things to a new level. It should be said, actually, that the vocals combine incredibly well with the guitar. Both are extremely creative and set the band apart.

The tone on the riff during “Shelter” reminds me very much of TesseracT it’s very tech-influenced, and it demonstrates the guitarists’ talent. There’s quite a lot of it on this album, such as on “Yours to Define”, with a creative synth pattern to break things up.

The last few songs are where the album really grows into its own. “On the Wire” has shades of Arcane Roots in the chorus; it’s so melodic and stays in your head. The hip-hop-influenced beats, in the beginning, give way to that filthy tone, and the barking screams of Dilan Alves bring an extra layer of disgusting heaviness. 

Closer “Casting Eyes” is horrible; when it kicks in, the urge to spin kick is extremely strong. The chorus is fantastic and soars to a big epic conclusion. My God, this band kills it with the choruses. And then there’s that utterly nasty breakdown that destroys my face. What a way to finish the album.

Exist Immortal have a sound that crushes and this album proes they can blend heavy and melodic elements very well. A wonderful listen.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

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