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Album Review: Feels Like // Mary Hennessy


Mary Hennessy is an extremely talented singer songwriter from Liverpool. She’s already captured my heart with two songs, “Teeth” and “Why Do I Bother”. Both songs are on her debut album, “Feels Like” so it’ll be interesting to see what it sounds like.

The aching vulnerability of opener “Only Me To Blame” is so catchy, the slide guitar really adds something to the song. The track is a perfect summary of depression and ruminating thoughts that strikes a chord with the listener. It’s very folk influenced and Mary’s soft voice matches the feel of the music. I’ve actually had this slide guitar riff in my head for a few weeks now.

Is that an audible metronome on “Hand in Hand”? I’m not sure, but the vocals are absolutely stunning. They remind me of dark and cold winter nights when you need something warm and comfortable. The delay effects on here are cool and creative.


I adore “Rollerblade” and its indiepop sound. You can listen to this when you have a drink sitting in the sun, like a gin and juice for instance. Especially the lyric “I wanna ride my bicycle / without feeling the fall” it feels like absolute freedom.

The album is full of gorgeous lo fi tinged songs that scream vulnerability. There is an influence of This is the Kit, certainly on “Why Do I Bother” which is the best song on the album. It’s absolutely beautiful.

“Ivy” takes things down a notch about halfway through with it’s maudlin strings and I think this shows Mary’s versatility nicely. It’s certainly a nice breather when you have the much faster “Why Do I Bother” up next to get you dancing. The lo fi synth is really pretty, alongside the shoegaze type chords. Definitely a hint of indie folk here but it feels refreshing and you can tell Mary has her own style.

“Cold Kiss” and “3AM” bring out strong Frankie Cosmos vibes, and a raw DIY approach. It makes me happy that there are singers who aren’t afraid to show their emotions, and Mary Hennessy writes songs from the heart. One of my albums of the year and a wonderful find.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 


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