Album Review: How To Disappear // Casey

Casey have been a band on my radar for a while, I’ve always been struck by their emotional driven music. They were recently re introduced to me at the back end of last year and I got excited for the release of their new album “How to Disappear”.Having given this album multiple listens, I think it is good, and hard hitting in places.

From the opening stadium rock opus in “Unique Lights” followed by “I Was Happy When You Died” there’s some real passion in the vocals and reverb in the guitars. The tender “Selah” draws comparisons with Lonely the Brave for me, although at the same time it is a bit slow for my liking. I really like the screaming elements, it adds an extra emotional depth to the band’s sound.

What’s more, there is a track called “Puncture Wounds to Heaven” with a rumbling bassline in the background. I think when all the instruments come together at 1:52 is the best bit of the album. It encapsulates the band’s sound very well. I like “Space Between” too, and emotional ballad with a beautiful vocal. On the whole, this is a good album, with a bunch of beautiful songs on it. I think it’ll appeal to a wide range of fans who want their music on the calmer, emotional side.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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