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Album Review: Hyperactive // One Morning Left

One Morning Left are a Finnish electronicore band who take inspiration from video game music and 80s hard rock. The band have won many fans and admirers because they’ve played shows with bands like Protest the Hero and We Butter the Bread With Butter. They are back with their fourth album, Hyperactive which is a amalgamation of genres.

When you first listen to the album it is a bit cheesy. The influences are all here: power metal, video game music. It’s ramped up to the ma and can seem jarring. However, give it time and you can appreciate how fun it is. Opener ‘Ruby Dragon’ has a catchy chorus which reminds me of Blind Guardian. The way they mi the breakdowns into this song is something I admire because it could bring them mass appeal.

My favourite song is ‘Sinners and Winners’ because it reminds me of an anime opening. The 80s- inspired guitar solo along with the lyrics about partying and “drinking your sorrows away” are very positive and tie in with a feeling of freedom. I really like ‘Ruthless Resistance’ too because it’s very melodic. The colourful synths will brighten up your day while Mika Lahti shows off his powerful vocal range.

Hyperactive is a very good album because it’s a ray of positivity that we all need in these difficult times. It’s great because it will bring people together. You’ll love this album if you’re a fan of Eskimo Callboy or Asking Alexandria.

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