Album Review: Imperium // Necrotted

Necrotted are a death metal band who released their fifth album “Imperium” earlier this  year. It’s an album I’ve enjoyed over the past few months, with lots of melodic influences alongside blood curdling screams.

I like how the band launches at breakneck speed on opener “A Veiled Awakening”, the unclean vocals are produced well, alongside the pounding blastbeats. I approve of it but the cat does not. By the time it gets to the utterly filthy “Sow Sorrow for Victory”, the deathcore is in full swing.

 Since the renaissance of Lorna Shore, I think deathcore has been in rude health, with the lyrically gifted Shadow of Intent releasing the fantastic “Elegy.” Necrotted can be added to this list. I only discovered them this year but I am mighty impressed.

“Sow Sorrow For Victory” had a furious and fiery guitar lead, which will get any pit going. Same with the astounding “Artificial Truth.” This song had glorious riffs that could crush many faces, with easily the most melodic passages on the album. What’s more, “Imperator” has a disgusting breakdown and brutal double kicks. The singer sounds like a possessed demon, with a combination of lows and highs. 

“Imperium” is an album I have enjoyed very much this year. If you are a fan of Lorna Shore, Whitechapel, and Until We Die, you are going to love this. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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