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Album Review: Labyrinthian // The Breathing Process

The Breathing Process is a blackened deathcore band. Their music is very angry but equally colossal. They bring a lot of melody into their sound because they fuse big guitar riffs with synth passages, which flesh out the sound. The band released their brand new album Labyrinthian last month on Unique Leader Records. The album is mixed by Dave Otero, who has worked with Cattle Decapitation and Rivers of Nihil.

This album is very dark and gloomy. You can see it in the album cover because it depicts a grim labyrinth that looks like it is going up to the gates of hell. I think the music matches the artwork. The album is uncomfortable because you feel like you are re living your worst nightmares.

You are greeted with a very angry assault on the ears with the opening track. It’s a wall of noise, full of thundering guitars that is more disgusting than stepping on a slug. But at the same time, underneath this brutality is a set of melody that comes from the synths. This creates an orchestral atmosphere that is prevalent across the album.

As you get through Labyrinthian you can see its murkiness in the guitars. They bring you to the depths of hell, especially with the fierce gutterals. Especially on ‘Wilt’, there is a rockier element to this death metal. It absolutely ruined my face. The drums pummel in your chest and the orchestral strings made me imagine a fire burning inside.

The guitar on the title track is like a stampede crushing together. I think it is my favourite song on the album because everything blends seamlessly. I think the vocal performance on this song is quite strong too because you can feel the passion. It sums up the brilliance of this album.

Overall, Labyrinthian is an aggressively filthy album that has definitely been summoned from Hells Gates. It’s a dark epic listen that sounds absolutely monumental.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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