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Album Review: Lost in the Waves // LANDMVRKS

LANDMVRKS have built a reputation for creating heavy organic bruising metalcore over the years. There are a lot of bands doing this sort of thing, for example, Northlane and Novelists, but LANDMVRKS add an atmospheric edge which has served them very well during their career. The band consists of Florent Salfati (vocals), Rudy Pukart (bass), Nicolas Exsposito and Paul C. Wilson (guitars), and Kévin D’Agostino (drums).

The band has a melodic edge and they balance it with blistering aggression. This is evident on their brand new album Lost in the Waves. In comparison to their previous albums, Lost in the Waves is great because it is a refreshing take on metalcore.

The album does not mess around on opener ‘Lost in A Wave’. The overlapping guitars give way to some hard-hitting drums and a crushing breakdown. The harmonies are very strong, and the lyrics talk about the protagonist feeling lost. Salfati’s vulnerable vocal delivery is spot on as he sings:  “I’m falling away / If I control my fears would I still feel the pain?” It’s a great start to the album because you’re hit with a wave of crushing guitar work.  

‘Rainfall’ has one of the most brutal breakdowns you’ll hear this year. You can tell the band enjoyed recording this song and they’ve fleshed out the guitar work. It’s epic, and the way D’Agostino smacks the snare is so powerful. ‘Silent’ is more melodic and could take influence from punk rock. The chorus is very melodic as well which shows variation and that they’re not afraid to try new things out. ‘Visage’ sees Salfati rapping in French over a trap beat. The clean tone on the guitars is interesting because it adds a new dimension to their sound. There are even hints of Linkin Park in the screams as well which is good because LANDMVRKS can widen their fanbase.

There is a lot of variation on Lost in the Waves. For instance, ‘Always’ has a soaring guitar melody that should be played in arenas. It still has the typical LANDMVRKS sound, but there’s a broad appeal to this song because the chorus is so melodic. The last track, ‘Paralyzed’ is beautiful because it has Salfati singing over a tender, soft piano. Then the guitars come in as he shouts: “I can move my face but my body’s paralyzed / The tears come down my cheeks but there’s nothing left to cry.” You feel the anguish as he screams these lyrics, it is very similar to Sam Carter from Architects. It is a beautiful way to end the album because it demonstrates raw emotion.

Lost in the Waves displays a lot of vulnerability. This proves that it’s okay to wear your heart on your sleeve, and it’s a record that will resonate with a lot of people.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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