Album Review: Making Circles Of Ourselves // New Pagans

A quick Spotify tells me that New Pagans have been positively received because of their emotive sound. This translates into their wonderful album, called “Making Circles of Ourselves.” It’s ten tracks full of emotional indie roc, which touches on vulnerability and honesty. I like songs like “A Process Of Becoming” with their vulnerable vocals and equally vulnerable solo. It has a post punk quality to it, which will fit well alongside bands like Mhaol.

Vocally, it reminds me very much of Lande Hekt, especially on “Fresh Young Overlook” which would sound fucking unreal in a live setting. This is demonstrated by the reverb on the chorus. I think that some of the chord progressions are astonishing as well.

As you listen to the album, there is plenty of melodies to draw upon. This is obvious in songs like “Karin Was Not A Rebel” and the lyrics talk about a talented designer. The vocals are really beautiful in this song. But it’s the last song which signals what the band are capable of. “The State Of My Loves’ Desires” full of softly distorted guitars and a tandem of outstanding harmonies. It shows the variation of this album. With the wealth of talent coming through in the indie rock scene, add New Pagans to that list. Wonderful. 


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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