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Album Review: (re)constructed // Bicurious

Bicurious is a two-piece experimental post-rock band from Dublin. They write grooves to make your head bop, while also including vocal samples that explore mental health. They released their new album (re)constructed.

I think there’s some really beautiful instrumental passages in this album. They take you on a journey and make you contemplate things. The samples about psychosis really hit home, while the guitar work is crisp and clean. It has some groovy moments, such as on ‘Like We Used To’ and especially ‘Palapalapa’. The latter track is an earworm where the chorus will get stuck in your head. The guitar melody follows this down to the letter. ‘Like We Used To’ has a big wall of noise that sounds like waves crashing around you. The drumming is incredibly tight and the cymbal in the mix really elevates their sound.

I especially like “Grounded Intervention”, the interlude of the album. It breaks things up very nicely as it’s a slower pace, and the way the chords work their way back around to the root note is mesmerizing. It’s a perfect slice of post-rock. Same with “Mercurial” because the ascending guitar riffs are a joy to listen to.

Overall, this album was enjoyable if hard-hitting listen which helped reinforce how important our mental health is.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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