Album Review: RISE // From Fall To Spring

From Fall to Spring is one of the most exciting bands to come out of the metalcore scene. With an enthralling selection of songs out, they all come together on their debut album, “RISE”. Here, there’s a mix of modern day Bring Me the Horizon with some creative synths, evident on the radio friendly “BR4INFCK”. This is a solid opener, then we have the downtuned “BLACK HEART” which has an unreal chorus. It’s been in my head for the past year since I first heard it. I love the deep low end bass on this song. Then – wow, the screams come in at 1:28, and that’s when shit kicks off. I’ve thrown my head around numerous times at work in my day job; god damn this riff is serious. The transition into the chorus is pretty heavenly.

“DRAW THE LINE” to me is reminiscent of Linkin Park, with a heavy chorus that is fit for the pit. The screams echo Chester Bennington, and you’re gonna mosh when the breakdown happens. It’s a given. 

What really gets me about this album is how much the band has come on songwriting-wise. The chorus in “SUPERNOVA” (what’s with the all caps font, only gripe), is fucking fantastic. It soars like an eagle, and the synth dominated track makes things refreshing, especially the guitar solo. That’s something different. 

Looking at the stream numbers on each song, it’s easy to see why they are so popular. Because all the songs on here are easy to get into. The album is a simple listen, which is really great because sometimes you need that. Not every album has to be complicated or a slog to get through. 

There are two stand out moments for me on the album. “BARRIERS” shone a light when I was going through a troubled time halfway through last year.  The chorus and the vocal melody were absolutely fantastic, and it’s made to be sung at big shows. The build up and breakdown at 2:26 made my jaw drop, and the transition into the chorus is incredible. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. One of my favourite metalcore songs over the last year.

“BEAST MODE” could be up there, too, actually. The way the synth comes into the chorus helps add to that catchiness. The guitars are really chunky and pushed up into the mix. Then when the breakdown and scratches enter at 1:44, it’s peak nu metal, absolutely classic stuff. This continues on “DESTINY” I mean, lyrically, it doesn’t break ground, but the chorus is huge. 

I love this album to pieces. I think it’s accessible, radio friendly, and it’s loved by plenty of people already. Instant hit. 


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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