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Album Review: Round // Rumble

Production collective RUMBLE are back with a brand new album, Round. The core of the album is to mix samples from all walks of life, which helps the record sound more coherent. 

It’s genre-defying because it embraces Eastern influences, especially on ‘Duality’ featuring Rhyme Thyme. The song celebrates progression and moving forward. For instance, there’s an addictive wordplay in the lyrics because they show  why teamwork is the key to success: “Without you there wouldn’t be us / What’s straight A’s without B+.” The flow works well with the instruments because they make you feel like you’re in Japan.

‘U Can’t Hide’ featuring Blackout Ja is enthralling because it brings dancehall into the mix. Full of boisterous energy, the pulsating drumbeat makes you want to jump around. This song is one of the sounds of the summer because it generates mass appeal. RUMBLE show their versatility on their remix of ‘Non Stop’ that also features Rhyme Thyme. Similar to ‘Duality’, this song strides in with a positive attitude. “Every second an adventure, I’m onto the next endeavour / Never crack under the pressure / Imma slow down? Never.” I think this song is inspiring because it encourages the listener to work hard. It’s ideal listening if you’re in a slump and need a pick-me-up.

The contrast of styles is apparent on ‘InLakesh.’ It’s an instrumental that merges bits of vapourwave and glitches. The glitches bump up the effect because they stand out in the mix. I like the way the choral sounds help create a choir-like atmosphere because it adds a fresh dynamic to the song. The title track closes the album and the amount of layers amaze me because there are so many sounds. The polished drumbeat puts the listener in a relaxing mood while the panpipes are used to great effect throughout. This ties in with the sample from a Muhammad Ali poem, which says: “Last night, I had a dream that I went to Africa and I had a hell of a rumble.” It shows plenty of charisma and uses RUMBLE’s name to bring the album full circle.

Round is a dope album because it draws from a variety of influences, turning them into a positive ray of sunshine.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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