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Album Review: Sculpture of Violence // Giver

Holy Roar is one of the UK’s best record labels. They’ve given us some of the most exciting hardcore and metal bands including Employed to Serve, Minors, and ITHACA. Furthermore, German hardcore band Giver is releasing their second album on the label, ‘Sculpture of Violence.’

The album is full of energy because of its fast guitar riffs. Both ‘The Same Stream’ and ‘New Gods’ bring a big slice of metallic hardcore to them, while furthermore, the bleak guitars add a lot of passion.

‘These Words Are Rain’ is the best track on the album because it has the best elements of Givers sound. The vocal delivery is passionate, while the guitars are melodic. As a result, both these key components help create a powerful sound which leaves you longing for more.

‘Sculpture of Violence’ is a brilliant record because it shows Giver has a big sound that is rooted in melody. It’s an invigorating listen, which has a lasting impact long after it’s finished.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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