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Album Review: Spiritual Ascension // Cherie Amour

Cherie Amour are a band who wear their heart on their sleeve, none more so than on their first full length Spiritual Ascension. The band aim to promote mental health in their music and asks three questions on the album: Why are we here? Where did we come from?  And What happens to us when we’re gone? It is an album that is vulnerable, letting the listener into the band’s mindset, with some heartfelt moments. 

The opening 41 seconds could put the listener in the position of ascending into heaven or letting themselves feel. This sets the tone for the rest of the album, which charges at a somewhat breakneck speed. But what is very cool about this album is the mash up of genres. It’s great that Cherie Amour doesn’t stick to one thing – there are some incredible synths on “Letting Go”, which takes a slower pace. Even on the upbeat “Sin City, there is a summery backdrop of big distorted guitars that leads into the catchy chorus. One thing to note is that the drumming is consistently tight the whole way through. This song could suit a moshpit, especially with the slow breakdown; there’s almost a hardcore element to this song. Then it switches to the Auto Tune, demonstrating the band’s diversity. 

“Minds Eye” is a tale of late-night hedonism that is fit for stadiums. I appreciate that they are trying something different, and the little solo is reminiscent of bands like Kids in Glass Houses. But this track is a grower; you find it irritating on the first listen, but  then you hear that drum fill that goes into the solo, and you think, “God, this is actually quite powerful.” I also like the rap as well, it breaks up the tension. And then, towards the end, we’re back to that glorious solo. It’s a track that encapsulates the height of summer, and I can see it being on their setlists. 

Woah, there is a brass section on “Love’s Not Your Thing”! This band does not play by the rules! It’s a curveball that surprises the listener, but then we have “God Be a Woman” with its acoustic guitar that recalls early 2000s R n’ B. This is one of my favourite songs purely because they do this genre so well. They twist it up and put their own sound on it, and it is truly fantastic to hear. 

I love “Lose Control” as well because the riff is so addictive and bouncy. It goes into a nu-metal-type breakdown after some interesting glitching effects. Simple but effective. It really brings out the diversity of this wonderful album. With its relatable lyrics about mental health and anxiety, I am sure bigger things are on the horizon for Cherie Amour. 

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

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