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Album Review: Subversiv Dekadent // The Distractors

The Distractors are a punk band whose sound is raw, dirty, and defiant.  The band’s members are Lobster Johnson (The guitar, Vox, MC,), Yves De Molotov (bass), JP9000 (The trap kit), and the Man With the Golden Hands (guitar). The furious energy of debut album Subversiv Dekadent was recorded in Gent, Belgium with producer Pete Snakeboots.

The recording process was almost as quick as the songs because Peter wanted to recreate that live energy. There was tension and aggression in the studio because a strict lockdown was beginning on the final evening of the sessions. This pressure increased the album’s angry nature. The lyrics are about living in the moment. For example,  ‘If I Have to Die, You Have to Die’ channels the energy of Johnny Rotten in the chorus: “I’m alright, You’re alright, She’s alright, He’s alright” which will work in a boozed up venue.      

The energy will make you want to dig out your dusty guitar, especially on ‘Do Wrong, Right’. The song’s captivating riff will get stuck in your head. Similarly, on the sub-two minute ‘To Hell With Good Intentions’ the adrenaline rush is mindblowing and will have you dancing in no time. The chaotic energy is brilliant because it reminds the listener of happier times.

I also like how the band brings a rockabilly influence. For instance, the stripped back ‘You’ll Never Take Us Alive’ works because it adds to the album’s raw approach.

There is a snarling attitudeon Subversiv Dekadent that combines the punk spirit with a refreshing take on the genre. It will appeal to fans of The Clash, but also people who love to pogo and mosh. The energy is relentless, and The Distractors want you to know that the good times shall roll on.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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