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Album Review: Sum Of All Your Parts // Fatherson

Scottish alternative rockers Fatherson have created a reputation for crafting emotional, uplifting songs with powerful hooks. This was evident on the brilliant debut album ‘The Island’ and second album ‘Open Book’, the latter jumping straight into Number 2 in the UK album charts. The band have previously toured with the likes of Biffy Clyro and Enter Shikari, so it’ll be interesting to see whether new album ‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ will propel them into the big leagues.

A key element to Fatherson’s sound is the use of piano to boost the emotional impact. The looping piano on opener ‘The Rain’ shows that the production is bigger, demonstrating their lofty ambitions. This creates a hypnotic feel, while the epic vocals and soaring guitar set the tone for the record. All the instruments are blended well, putting the listener in a trance. Then, both ‘Making Waves’ and ‘Gratitude’ are brimming with attitude. The guitar on the former track is huge, it is built for stadiums. The chorus sounds like nothing Fatherson have ever done before. It is the sound of a band who have grown in confidence and matured as songwriters.



‘Nothing to No One’ is about a relationship disintegrating. The male and female vocals bounce off each other really well while the emotional backdrop of the music. It tugs on the heartstrings, however, ‘Oh Yes’ is a misstep on the album because it is drippy and forgettable.

‘The Landscape’ is a straightforward rock song. Reminiscent of The Gaslight Anthem, it is an adrenaline rush that doesn’t quite hit the mark. Aside from the chorus, the pace of the track feels out of place with the slower, more introspective moments. On the other hand, ‘Reflection’ is a tender ballad, the sparse instrumentation and fluid, creative drumming makes for a beautiful listen. ‘Charm School’ is the best song on the album; it’s where the band really hit their stride. It’s heavy, dripping with distortion, and has a bouncy downtuned riff that demands your attention. It shows they are not afraid to diversify their sound, bringing a fun end to the album.

‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ takes the introspective side of Fatherson’s sound and brings out bombastic production. Aside from a few forgettable tracks, it is a worthy addition to their catalogue. Songs such as ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Charm School’ prove that they still have a raw edge. If you’re a fan of stadium rock with an emotional impact, then ‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ is the album for you.

‘Sum Of All Your Parts’ is out on September 14th.


Feature Photo Credit: Stevie Kyle


Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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