Album Review: Trapped // TARLD

TARLD, which stands for The Amsterdam Red Light District, is a melodic hardcore band from France. Over the last few years, they’ve enjoyed a fairly meteoric rise, touring both Europe and Japan. They’ve even played at some o the biggest festivals in the rock scene, such as Groezrock and Hellfest. They return with a brand new album, which is called Trapped. The album comes out on the 20th May.

There’s a lot to enjoy on the album, which comes at you with some frenetic While She Sleeps energy, especially on opener ‘Threatened Generation.’ It hits you straight off the bat with some fast guitar riffs that will cause a bloodbath in the pits. The chorus has some serious singalong energy as well. It is a furious opener. Plus, the surprise of seeing Drew York from Stray From the Path in the second track, ‘Good Intentions’ was really cool as well. His vocal delivery on this song added a fresh dynamic, while I thoroughly enjoyed the chorus.

I think the uplifting nature of this album is very empowering. There are lots of influences ranging from punk rock to hardcore. The album doesn’t let up in pace, which is very ideal because here you have ten songs with equally mosh-worthy choruses and riffs. For example on ‘Not So Innocent.’ The overlapping lead riffs are very refreshing and add something new to the band’s palette of sound. They bring an element of fun to the album.

Trapped does exactly what you’d expect it to. The unclean angry vocals give loads of energy and a frenetic wild feel to the listening experience. Blast it loud and you’ll get a voracious assault. One major example of this is on ‘Fair-weather Friend’ because of its bouncy riff and giddy energy. It sums up the appeal of the record, and is absolutely ideal for a summer’s day. This album is very good, and a thoroughly enjoyable listen if you want your face ruined by some filthy upbeat hardcore.


 Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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