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Album Review: Whoever You Want Me To Be: Modelhome

Modelhome was formed by Tom Honey of the ambient music project Good Weather For An Airstrike. The project features Jamie Brett on vocals and describe themselves as a “transatlantic pop duo.” Their ethereal sound reached the ears of BBC Introducing and KEXP in the USA. It’s remarkable that they have had radio play across the pond, and modelhome released their debut album “Whoever You Want Me To Be” in March this year. I am really looking forward to seeing how their ambient soundscapes translate onto this new album, while also wondering how it is going to differ to GWFAA’s work. I distinctly remember Tom saying to me “I don’t want this to sound like a Good Weather album” so I think it will sound different. I also know that Tom’s musical taste is very eclectic, so there is potential for something special here. Without having heard a note, excitement hits me.

This is truly outstanding because Jamie’s vocals are incredible throughout, especially on the opener “No One Knows” which is very haunting and combines an eerie synth with a piano. They remind me of Massive Attack as they have that calming trip hop vibe to them. This is also evident on the glitched out “Breathe” with glitched out drums. Sometimes I like making this type of music so honestly hearing it sound like this is very inspiring. To my knowledge, I can’t think of many things that sound like what modelhome are doing. “All Is Lost (Jaylor’s Adversion” is a rework oof the Good Weather For an Airstrike song of the same name, and Jamie’s vocals sound just as ethereal as ever. The calm synth in the background really helps boost the listener’s mood because it retains the ambience of Good Weather For An Airstrike’s work however at the same time offers something completely new and refreshing that could attract new fans. 

What’s more, one of my favourite songs on the album is the title track. It has a beautiful chord progression that helps keep you relaxed after a day where you feel very tired. The song stirs the heartstrings and keeps you feeling alive. The last song is called “Last One Before” is a stunning end because it has a danceable groove and haunting vocals. 

I really enjoyed this album because I fest the passion in it and  found it relaxing to listen to. I think it will win modelhome some new fans, due to being an individual and creative piece of work.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos 

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