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Album Review: Within Each Lies The Other // As Everything Unfolds

Up and coming sextet As Everything Unfolds’ sound consists of huge riffs and colossal choruses. The band consists of Charlie Rolfe (vocals), Adam Kerr (guitar), Owen Hill (Guitar), George Hunt (bass), Jon Cassidy (synth), and Jamie Gowers (drums). They’ve earned a reputation through touring with Our Hollow Our Home and Dream State. They will release their debut album Within Each Lies the Other on 26th March.

Throughout the album, there is a strong post-hardcore influence in both the vocals and guitars. However, it is clear that As Everything Unfolds have their own sound, which helps them stand out. An example of this is the melodic hook in ‘One Last Time. There is an ambient synth that transitions into the main guitar riff that could easily be played in stadiums. The infectious riff repeats throughout the song.

The chorus to ‘On the Inside’ is reminiscent of Bring Me the Horizon because the synths drive the track forward. However, the layered screams help the song stand out because they bring an element of anger. When Rolfe sings “Burning up on the inside,” you can feel the anger in the lyrics, which leads to a refreshing experience.

One of the best songs is ‘Take Me There’ because it has a catchy hook and a melody that packs a strong punch. The best bit of this song is an angry breakdown and some hefty screams. These are present in ‘Wallow’ where the harsh vocals are reminiscent of death metal because they have a big impact. The snare in the chorus is whacked so hard. This gives it a crisp tone. Finally, the chorus is strong: “You turned everyone against me when I’m nothing but weak / You turned everyone against me when my world was so bleak.”

Within Each Lies the Other is a powerful debut because each song sounds different. It is an album that will appeal to fans of Dream State and Our Hollow Our Home.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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