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Album Review: Youth of Dissent // 1000mods

1000mods are one of heavy musics’ best-kept secrets. The band are hugely popular in Greece because they’ve risen from basement shows to packed out arenas. They combine their love for Soundgarden and crushing riffs on new album ‘Youth of Dissent’.

I love this album because it has tons of energy. The band have tapped into their psychedelic side, especially on ‘Pearl.’ This song features all the best elements of their sound. The clean spaced out guitar gives way to a distorted crunch which is satisfying. I also love their emphasis on melody because on ‘Dissent’ there’s a bouncy riff that makes you want to bang your head.

There are bits on the record that remind me of ‘Dopesmoker’ by Sleep, especially on the last track ‘Mirrors’. It features a droning riff and reverberating vocals that make me feel like I’m going on a soul searching journey. It then morphs into overlapping guitar riffs that sound epic on headphones.

I love ‘Youth of Dissent’ because the songs are best experienced loud. While the guitars are prominent, all the instruments are given space to breathe. It’s an album that can catapult 1000mods onto bigger things.

‘Youth of Dissent’ is released on 1st May.

Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

One thought on “Album Review: Youth of Dissent // 1000mods

  • lee van kleef

    i was really looking forward to this release after discovering 1000mods a few months ago. after listening to the album i am left unimpressed and dissapointed, i really wanted the album tracks to be of the same ilk as, into the spell, burnt sleep, road to burn, on a stone, loose, she, ect. mirrors is probably the only track i like from the album. i understand bands evolve, i just wish in 1000mods case they would have stuck more to the sound of repeated exposure to and super van vacation. i guess you cant please all the fans all the time.


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