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Alex Tracey Shows Qualities With 'Crazy'

Alex Tracey is set to release his latest track titled ‘Crazy’ on 11th January and we here at Nexus had the opportunity to take an early listen. As a bit of background, Alex is based in West Yorkshire and has a sound as infectious as anything you could ask to hear. It is a little off track from the normal rock and roll stylings that we feature here on Nexus, but that should not take away from the potential that is held within the artist.
Alex brings an energy and feels not too dissimilar to that of Lukas Graham. It is the vocal ascensions and the expression in the voice that had us instantly pick up on a Lukas Graham-esque vibe. Whilst this vibe is apparent it needs to be said that Alex is his own artist. You get that unique impression through his infusion of various genres which is executed with as much grace as any other artist has to offer. The beat to ‘Crazy’ is playful and has elements of effects which are perfectly placed to keep you engaged throughout. It is nice to have a track which doesn’t feel over or under-produced, but perfectly balanced and weighted.
Admittedly this is the first time that we have come across Alex, but we hope that it is not our last and that he continues to storm ahead with his progression as an artist. If one thing this week is clear, it is that you really can find fantastic music to prove that 2018 will be another solid year for up-and-coming artists like Alex.
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