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Track Review: Anon. (Goldfish In My Bathtub) // Eleanor Joy

Performing under the pseudonym Eleanor Joy, singer-songwriter Eleanor Paige is sharing her genre-defying sound with the world. Influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush and Moddi, her music has an intense intimacy that is difficult to fake. Currently studying at the Leeds Conservatoire, the UK-based artist is a relative newbie in the indie music scene but she has made a noise with her tracks. Featured in Pop Fad Blog, Find A Song and several playlists, Eleanor is building a loyal following. The latest addition to her discography is ‘Anon. (Goldfish in my bathtub)’.

Following her melancholic single ‘Mara (October Evening)’, ‘Anon. (Goldfish in my bathtub)’ retains Eleanor’s ethereal vocals but with a far more simplistic approach. Instrumentation is almost non-existent with interspersed piano underlying the prominent vocals – a style that not only enhances the song’s poignancy but also Eleanor’s eclecticism. Utilising the power of a choir, ‘Anon. (Goldfish in my bathtub)’ showcases how forceful a group of voices can be without any bells and whistles.

Eleanor notes that the song “…explores the experience of drifting away into reflection and mourning of past desires” and this is clear with the tone of ‘Anon. (Goldfish in my bathtub)’. As I mentioned, there is a cacophony of sincere vocals which sends chills down your spine. Moreover, utilising this basic form of music, Eleanor evokes a sincere harmony in the conceptual narrative. Listening to the track is like falling into a whirlpool of sound but also clinging to an anchor of surrealism. Does that make sense?

I had not heard of Eleanor Joy before this and am overjoyed that she has crossed my digital path. Anthemic and fairy-like, I can hear this single played on repeat in the background or a forefront piece to one of those Shakespeare tragedies. I love it!

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