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Arms Akimbo Capture Youthfulness In Track ‘Velleity’

Arms Akimbo is a 4-piece indie-rock outfit comprised of Peter Schrupp, Christopher Kalil, Matthew Sutton and Colin Boppell. Based out of Los Angeles (Nexus goes worldwide…) the four-piece met in college, they formed a band inspired by artists like PortugalThe Man, Local Natives, and Hippo Campus. Previously, they self-produced their EP, “Vignettes” and found immediate success, soon opening for WALK THE MOON, Said The Whale and Colleen Green.
However, they return with track ‘Velleity‘ and an accompanying video, taken from their latest EP The Wrong Kind of Dance Party.
The indie-rock outfit has managed to produce a track that has a vibe so youthful, so honest and so chilled all at the same time. It’s another amazing summer track for anyone’s playlist, with those vibes and the Californian weather being sent our way through every note and captured in every frame in the video.
Although it would be easy to mistake the youthfulness as inexperience, you would be foolish to assume this. As the track itself has everything expected of a well-structured track. Control, tension and release and catchy choruses, it’s a feel-good song with a feel-good video. It has a well-balanced dynamic and after having listened to it about ten times now, I am still feeling as drawn to this track in a similar way to the first time that I heard it. And I’m not too sure that feeling looks like it will erode anytime soon. It’s a compliment to Arms Akimbo for producing a fantastic and well-rounded experience both visually and acoustically.

I welcome further projects from them and look forward to seeing what the do next.



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