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Artist Selected Playlist – Alex Ohm

With a lot of emerging artists currently gaining limelight for their incredible amount of talent and their humble ways, it would only be fair to introduce our readers to Alex Ohm.

Alex fits nicely into the category of a humble, hardworking and talented emerging talent. His music is something that can be compared to the likes of Bon Ivor and other artists that dare to blend and mix a variety of production techniques, sounds and feels.

We recently got the chance to include Alex in our Isle of Wight article and have not regretted the introduction to him since. We consider ourselves lucky to have him do an Artist Selected Playlist amongst his current schedule. As more crowds begin to realise just who Alex is, we expect to see his demand go up and take our word for it, it will not be long until he is at the forefront of everything that is good about hardworking artists.

But until you get to see him live, be sure to check out our reviews for his latest track, consider this an introduction to Alex.

Oh, and you’re welcome!

Alex Ohm’s Release Establishes Him Amongst The Best of Current Emerging Talent.

Be sure to follow the playlist as you read!

Masterplan – Oasis

This is the first track that I learned to play all the way through. I remember playing it to my dad and he’d join in. We played it at a show not so long ago. It was great to share the stage with him.


Gravity Grave – Live at Glastonbury 93 -The Verve

Found myself listening to this song a lot during my university days…The energy in the live recording is electric. You can really feel Ashcroft’s vivacity and passion combined with the sheer velocity of sound the band kicked out resonate from the speakers. The looping rhythm section with Nick McCabe’s swirling wall of sound is phenomenal.


Epitaph – Badly Drawn Boy

I’ve chosen this track but it’s actually the album that resonates with me. Hour of the bewilderbeast is one of my favourite albums. Its rawness and diversity is something I try and echo through my music. Epitaph is a sweet ending to a great album.


Lonely Souls – Unkle

I stumbled across Unkle’s ‘Psyence Fiction’ on a break at work. I listened to snippets of the tracks and loved the diversity of each track. Lonely Souls stood out for me amongst a couple of other tracks. The way strings were partnered with beats and sample sparked something in my imagination.


Turn The Page – The Streets

Another great track from an iconic album. Again, I really like the use of strings to start off the track and then the breakbeat drums kick in. Mike Skinner’s lyrics over the top are modern day poetry genius.


Punch Up At The Wedding – Radiohead

I got into this track after becoming mesmerised by the album ‘Hail to the thief’ on a trip to Thailand. The bass riff grabbed me instantly…I was hooked. I couldn’t stop listening to that album throughout my time in Thailand.


Cedar Rooms – The Doves

This track became a favourite of mine to start a tour with. The haunting harmonica and the chilled yet anthemic-driving rhythm section is enough to get anybody in the mood for a road trip.


Wake Up – Arcade Fire

This track is from an album that has inspired quite a lot of my writing from time to time. It has a great energy with the crunch of the guitar over the subtle strings. I admire the sound of this song…it sounds like a group of people in a room making music together. It’s very powerful.


Taro – Alt J

Alt J’s ‘An Awesome Wave’ was the first album for years that I found myself getting totally submerged in. An album that I could play from start to finish on repeat, over and over. Taro uses beats, strings and vocals excellently with a twist mid-song to the end.


29 Stratford Apts – Bon Iver

This is a more recent track that I’ve been enjoying. Its rawness drew me in…it has a character of its own. It’s pretty stripped back, allowing the vocals space for harmonies, which is something I’ve been working on in some of my recordings.

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