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Artist Selected Playlist – 'Citrus'.

Citrus are a four-piece indie/punk fizz band sporting youthful vibes and a plethora of raucous riffs riding right out of Basingstoke. The band have recently changed their name from Grafted and it seems to have been a fortuitous move, with the band having since been covered by various online publications (us being the best, obviously…) and has resulted in their debut ‘Takeaway’ being streamed over 2000 times.
We have since caught up with the band to have them select their playlist of tracks that have inspired, influenced or in some way contributed to them both individually or as a band.

Callum (Bassist):
High – The Cure
One Point Perspective – Arctic Monkeys
Me and Your Mama – Childish Gambino
The Best Part of Being Young is Falling in Love with Jesus – The Homesick
Lost On Me – Peace

I love the direction that Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) took with his last album, the guy is a triple threat and is killing it atm. Also, The Cure are just the masters of happy-sad music and the fact that so many bands still draw inspiration from them today just shows how good a band they are.

Luke (Guitarist):
Darlin – The Beach Boys
Seems 2 Be – Dizzee Rascal
Acquiesce – Oasis
My Love – Circa Waves

It’s just a mix of things I take influence from. There’s some more lyrically focused music with Dizzee Rascal and Kanye West, but I also love the feel-good feeling and happy melodies you get from the other bands on the list.

Daisy (Lead Vocalist and Rhythm Guitar):
Disco Yes – Tom Misch
Nice For What – Drake
Rotation – Fickle Friends
Addicted – The Night Cafe
Paramore – Rose Coloured Boy

There’s nothing particular that influences me about these songs other than that they’re all songs that make me feel happy and better about life, which is what we want mainly to distribute through our music. We’ve all had our fair share of hardships so I guess that’s where we draw inspiration from when writing.

Alex (Drummer):
Novocain – Bloxx
Animal – Spring King
Go – The Chemical Brothers
What Once Was – Her’s
I’m Not Your Girl – Estrons

These are tunes I’ve been blaring recently in my car whilst aggressively driving the speed limit and receiving unusual looks from passers-by. I hope that others can blare them too.

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