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Artist Selected Playlist – Weekend Recovery Share Inspirations In Latest Playlist.

Weekend Recovery are a four-piece band that we have featured many times on Nexus due to their incredible potential and talent. We have the pleasure of bringing you their own personalised playlist ahead of their album release next week.
Their album, which is titled “Get What You Came For” will be released on the 17th February with a live show the same day for Camden Rocks Presents. With the band often credited for their energy, stage presence and ability to mingle it will come as no surprise that this album launch show has attracted a fair few observers and fans alike.
Be sure to take a listen to the playlist as you go through the various reasons why each member has picked the tracks that they have.



Iron Maiden – Metallica
Music has always been a big influence for me, especially in my younger years when I first began to listen to the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica.
The first song that influenced my was ‘”Aces High” by Iron Maiden. The main reason why this song is a big influence on me is due to the raw energy that the song has.
Couple this with the catchy choruses and of course the great fills by Nicko. This really inspired me to be more creative with the beats and fills that I play and it has also helped me play faster. Music has always been a big influence for, especially in my younger years when I first began to listen to the likes of Iron Maiden and Metallica.
Basket Case Green Day
The second song to influence me is Basket Case by Green Day. This was one of the first songs that I learnt by Green Day and it helped me greatly with both control and speed when drumming.
Misery Business – Paramore
The third song to inspire me is Misery Business by Paramore. This song was one of the first songs I learned as a drummer. This song really inspired me due to the syncopated drum beats and snazzy fills.
House of Wolves – My Chemical Romance
The next song to inspire me is House of Wolves by My Chemical Romance. The main thing that excites me about this song is the jungle drumming at the beginning and general swing feel to it.
All The Small Things – Blink 182
The last song to influence me is All The Small Things by Blink 182. The great thing about this song to me is the build-up to the choruses. The tom style fills and catchy choruses are a clear winner for me.


Bugeye – Never Let You Go 
I find their sound quite fascinating as a 3-piece they sound massive yet they all still have their own parts, no one is playing the same thing. I wanted to get our album to have the same mass of sound that Bugeye achieved.
Healthy Junkies – Sex War
I’ve been lucky enough to support this band and will be doing again in the future, I like their live sound and how they simulate it live as they get it so close. They inspired me by just how good they are as musicians and the power they all have with their sound.
The Raconteurs -Salute to Solution
These helped a lot when I was thinking of what I wanted to sound like on the album, the bass in Salute to Solution is what I was aiming for with the gritting bass.
The Rapture – Echoes
Same as with Bugeye I always found the bass lines very melodic and quite high up in the mix.
The Virgin Mary’s I Wanna Take You Home
One of my all-time favourite bands. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them 3 times. In all of their albums, there is a sense of rawness that always caught my ear. They have always been an influence on my playing and the energy they have in their songs I try and recreate in ours.


Cheer Up London – Slaves 
Great live band! These guys were my gateway to punk guitar playing. The idea that simple riffs can be heavy and have groove was completely alien to me. It’s all about the attitude and being able to let loose and enjoy the music. Slaves were the first band to show me that punk can be light-hearted and aggressive.
Move, Shake, Hide – Marmozets 
This was the main inspiration for our song ‘Turn It Up’. I love the way they used really widespread power-chords in the intro to this tune and I was trying to write a really bouncy, heavy sounding riff that had a similar feel to it. When deciding on the tempo [for ‘Turn It Up’] I just jumped up and down and counted have fast that was, so when we play it live it’s got a very natural sounding groove and feel as soon as soon as the main riff comes in.
Breakout – Foo Fighters
In terms of energy, this tune was definitely a massive inspiration for me when writing and recording our record. It’s so high energy, and the guitar tone is absolutely huge, especially on those early Foos records. Dave Grohl is a master songwriter and will forever be a massive inspiration to me personally.
Live Slow, Die Old – Lower Than Atlantis 
Catchy riffs and melodies all over this one! The ‘noise’ guitar solo on ‘Why Don’t You Stay?’ came from hearing this song on repeat when driving to and from band rehearsals!
Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
The generic choice I know, but this is THE song. The band that got me into 90’s rock and helped me experience the grunge sound. The catchiness of the main guitar riff is infectious, and the bass and drum groove in the verses are so filthy good.


Reptiles – SONS
I love the sound, the lyrics and the effects used in this song. SONS are a band I’ve been following from the beginning, and every time they bring out a new song I get SUPER excited.
Love The Way You Lie – Eminem 
I mean this was such a tricky choice, every song he brings out is dripping with passion it’s amazing, the words and how he delivers them are just a cut above everything else!
Blue Orchid – White Stipes
Jack White is cool personified, I love the use of the POG and his voice is just so raw, imperfect but soul-shaking – Mr White is my favourite fact.
The Kills – Doing It To Death
Now I know I said Mr White is the coolest…but I think Ms Mosshart is the coolest chick. The way she uses her voice, and how smooth Jamie Hince’s guitar is. It’s just a recipe for awesomeness
Katy Perry – By the Grace of God
I think you have inspirations and heroes – Katy Perry is without a shadow of a doubt my hero. It’s not just the cheesy pop but it’s the depths of songwriting, I think it’s super clever every song has a double (and often a little risque) meaning. Check out her unreleased stuff…you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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