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Artist Selected Playlists // The Seamonsters

Hold up, wait a minute, lets us put some tracks up in it!

It’s another Artist Selected Playlist! Yeah, another one! (totally outdated and irrelevant meme? Check..). This week we bring you The Seamonsters. Not to give away any bias on our part, but we are quite big fans of The Seamonsters here at Nexus, with our passionate writer Ermis getting excited at the very mention of the bands’ name.

The band themselves are an indie glitter band from Sheffield, driven by 80’s inspired synths and angelic vocals. Comprising of Naomi Mann, Holly Thompson, Tassie Drobinski, Lauren Smith, Ella Taylor and Ciara Hurding; the six 18 and 19-year-olds are influenced by Pulp, Altered Images and Orange Juice along with more recent indie artists like Black Honey and The Wombats, creating catchy songs for dreamy dance floors.

We recently covered the band for the Isle of Wight Festival build-up which can be found below if you want to have a gander at some amazing emerging artists alongside The Seamonsters

Isle of Wight Build Up // Chase Cohl // Timeless // Alex Francis // Mint // The Sea Monsters // Modern Strangers // Monico Blonde // Lucie Barât // Ulysses Wells // Nadia Sheikh // Ivory Wave // Blind Motive

Without further ado, please take some time to click play on the playlist as you have a read through of each member’s selections. As usual, we have placed the selections into a handy Spotify Playlist below.

Just a quick thank you to The Seamonsters for their time in putting together this awesome playlist!


SPINN – November

SPINN are easily my favourite band about at the moment, I really can’t stop listening to them. When I sat down a few months ago to give their SPINN EP a listen, November was the track that really stuck with me. All the reverb and cymbals really got me inspired to create some more chill, dreamy tracks than what we’re used to.

Pulp – David’s Last Summer

Pulp are my favourite band of all time and they’re probably my main inspiration for the synth parts I write. All of Pulp’s synth lines are so simple yet so effective and memorable and those are some of the main qualities I try and achieve with what I write. David’s Last Summer is one of Pulp’s more underappreciated songs but has one of their best synth parts.

The Cure – The Lovecats

The Cure are the band I grew up with and The Lovecats just brings back the fondest of memories. The riff to The Lovecats is one of the first I learnt on bass when I was 13 and it’s still one of my go-to’s when I’m feeling uninspired and just want a bit of a boogie.

Llovers – Just Lust

Llovers are one of the loveliest bands I’ve come across in a long time, all of their songs are total bops however I think Just Lust has to be my favourite (Feeling Sound being a close second). They’re the perfect soundtrack to this heatwave we’ve been having recently, I’ve been dancing around my kitchen to them more than I’d like to admit.

YVES – Hell From Your Hello

YVES are another incredible band smashing it at the minute, as well as being our fellow Pirate Prodigy winners. I’m constantly humming the chorus from Hell From Your Hello as it’s just so catchy – as well as being an amazing song live. It’s pretty incredible how much noise the three-piece can make and how well they perform.


Stereophonics – Have A Nice Day

The first song I ever heard live. This guy I used to have an ugly crush on in junior school played this with his band at some end of year show. I was already in love with Stereophonics but the sound of loud, live music, made right there and then in front of me inspired me so much. Eventually, through them, we got in touch with his dad who let us use his hall as The Seamonsters’ very first practice room and it kind of all just went from there.

Mini Mansions – The End, Again

Mini Mansions have some of the most amazing writing, composition and production I’ve ever seen. I found them through The Last Shadow Puppets and Queens of The Stone Age and they’ve been my favourite band ever since. This song in particular – the finale track of their album The Great Pretenders – is just otherworldly. I’ve never felt so peaceful and absorbed in music as when I’ve blasted it on my record player or in my earphones and just appreciated every aspect of its incredible production and angelic melodies.

Redfaces – Messed Up Feeling

I’ve been a fan of these guys since they too were kids in a band playing covers in small pubs. As with all the songs, Isaac’s bass line in this is so unique and catchy and just frames the whole song. It’s so nice to see friends of ours succeeding and I’m definitely not just biased in saying they’re amazing and have such a talent for songwriting.


 Old Yellow Bricks – Arctic Monkeys

This was one of the first Arctic Monkeys songs I ever listened to and was also one of the first songs I ever learnt properly on guitar.

Knights of Cydonia – Muse

When learning this song on guitar I mastered the tremolo god ways.

Calexico – Red Rum Club

Just an absolute banger that’s been in my head for weeks what more can I say!

Deep in my Head – PLAZA

It came on shuffle on Spotify the other week and I usually skip songs I don’t know but I enjoyed this one.

Blue Suitcase (Disco Wrist) – The Orielles

WAH WAH WAH WAH (lovely song)


She Bangs the Drums – The Stone Roses 

This is my absolute ANTHEM. If this is played in Leadmill you know imma be there.

Sorted for E’s & Wizz – Pulp 

One of Sheffield’s finest and an absolute banger!

Three Lions – Baddiel, Skinner & Lightning Seeds

Simply because… IT’S COMING HOME!


Crookes Laundry Murder, 1922 – The Crookes 

My favourite band in the world, a band I’d do anything to see one more time, telling stories from the streets of Sheffield with the most beautifully crafted lyrics you’ve ever heard. 5 years spent having some of the best times of my life at their shows and I don’t think I could fall in love with a band as much as I did this one.

A Little Soul – Pulp

From ‘This Is Hardcore’, one of the most honest albums I think has ever been written, this song is both subtly heartbreaking and wonderful.

Foundations – Kate Nash 

A modern masterpiece: blunt, honest and completely relatable lyrics but an upbeat song you can sing your heart out to.

Star Treatment – Arctic Monkeys 

The new Arctic Monkeys album blows me away every time I listen to it, this opening track is just completely sexy, groovy and very obviously genius. Growing up in Sheffield, The Arctic Monkeys are also most likely the reason I first picked up a guitar.

Heavyweight Champion of the World – Reverend and the Makers

Unintentionally 4/5 of my choices are from Sheffield bands but this is honestly a PURE banger and a Saturday night in Leadmill, Red Stripe in hand, wouldn’t be complete without it.


Mr Tillman – Father John Misty 

I’ve recently got into Father John Misty and I just love the mix of quirky humour and emotion in his lyrics and his colourful, cinematic sound – he’s also a very cool guy.

Lemon Glow – Beach House

Beach House are the masters of mystic dream pop who have always inspired me musically and their new album is magical. I’m digging the darker vibes and melodic synth lines – maybe a bit too much as I’ve listened to it 24/7.

Isobel – Björk

I’ve loved Björk ever since I was little and was always so intrigued by her unique voice and sound. As a female artist, she will always be a huge inspiration to me and I aspire to dress like her someday.

The I Love You Bridge – The Crookes

The Crookes were the first live band I ever saw and their music is so reminiscent of my own memories of Sheffield and the many many gigs I’ve attended. This song, in particular, is beautifully written, nostalgic and captures the city perfectly – it makes me weep.

For Once in My Life – Stevie Wonder

For me, Stevie Wonder is the travelling in the car soundtrack OG and his soulful, groovy music will always put me in a happy mood. This song is so upbeat and makes me want to dance around the house none stop.

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