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Artist Spotlight: Little Cub

Little Cub are an indie band who do things a little bit differently. Influenced by a diverse spectrum of artists including Leonard Cohen and Hot Chip, they play upbeat synth-pop with a dark melancholic edge; their lyrics ranging from topics such as football, politics, and social apathy. It’s these traits that set them apart from their contemporaries, along with some neat production which is tailor made for arenas.
The band’s story began when Dominic Gore and Duncan Tootill met at a public jazz session in 2013, bonding over a love for New Order and Hot Chip, before sharing their ideas with Ady Acolatse. When Duncan moved to New York, the band created a long distance relationship to craft the album. Dominic became inspired by poetry while Ady and Duncan took on production duties, bringing the lyrics and melodies to life. The somber synths blended well with Dominic’s engaging vocal delivery.
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It’s these details that manifested themselves on debut album Still Life. Released in May last year, it’s a critique on what it’s like to live in the 21st century reflecting on real life events. ‘Death of a Football Manager’ reflects on the last days of ex Wales manager Gary Speed’s life, while ‘Hypnotise’ contains an infectious synth melody reminiscent of Pet Shop Boys.
The band are heading for big things, playing the Close Up Festival on May 12th. With a level of creativity that doesn’t follow conventions, keep your eye on Little Cub as they worm their way into your heart and inspire you to change the world.
You can listen to ‘Hypnotise’ here.
Little Cub Facebook page
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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