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Blushes Provide The Good Stuff With Upcoming Release of 'Honey'

Blushes return with their latest track titled “Honey” that sees them introduce us to the New Year with the same level of admiration that we left them with in 2017. Blushes are a four piece Pop/RnB/Rock band based in Aylesbury and are no strangers to us at Nexus. Although not released until the January 12th, “Honey” opens us up to a side of Blushes which is vocally different, with tones that reflect jazz elements and continue to take the very best genre blending’s that the band have to offer. As if our word isn’t enough to convince you of the ability that Blushes selfishly hold all to themselves, they have gained praise from the likes of the BBC, NME, HMV, BPI and UK Music.
“Honey” feels as if it further adds to an already stunning catalogue of tracks that Blushes have managed to put out. The level of progress that the band continue to show is promising and has us full of praise and looking on with intrigue as the musical landscape for the year begins to develop. Although in its infancy, 2018 promises to be an even stronger year with “Honey” well placed to be one of the very best tracks so far by the band.
The spacious male and female vocals provide an environment for you to get easily drawn into and be amongst the thick of it. The female vocal playfully supporting the male makes for an intense dynamic that offers a playful nod to a well-woven and wonderfully worked songwriting structure. Although this becomes the main focus, it doesn’t draw total attention away from the genuine musicianship surrounding the track itself and happily keeps you seated in amongst the joyful styling that Blushes have to offer. The soundstage finds itself completed by a baseline that is so subtle that it walks you into the heart of the track, and leaves you seated comfortably for the duration.
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