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Boss Keloid expand their influences to create a colossal sound on new album ‘Melted on the Inch’

Boss Keloid are a metal band who have carved out a strong reputation since forming in 2010. With their previous albums ‘The Calming Influence of Teeth’ and ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’ receiving positive reviews, they took a massive step in their career by signing to Holy Roar Records, featuring the likes of Employed to Serve and Rolo Tomassi. Holy Roar will release the band’s third album, ‘Melted on the Inch’ on April 27th, a sludgy record drawing from a diverse pool of influences.
There’s a doom influence on the record, with the layered guitars making for a harder, heavier experience. This is evident on the hypnotic ‘Jromalih’, which is an exhilarating experience. The key changes in this track and the drawn out vocals put the listener in a trance, while the crushing guitars are maximized to their fullest potential. ‘Lokanok’ is also superb, with a bellowing vocal that’s reminiscent of Mastodon combining superbly with the downtuned guitars. It’s the best track on the album because it brings so much passion into an intense emotional experience.
‘Melted on the Inch’ is a colossal record and a powerful experience. When listening to it, you can feel the passion and creativity the band have put into making it. There’s 1970s style prog rock organs mixed with brutal guitars, demonstrating their ever-expanding sound palette. It’s an enriching listen and should broaden Boss Keloid’s already burgeoning reputation.
‘Melted on the Inch’ is released on 27th April on Holy Roar Records.
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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