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Bryde Continues The Countdown To Her 'Like An Island' LP With 'Peace'

Bryde continues the journey towards the release of her LP ‘Like An Island‘ on the 13th of April via her label Seahorse Music with the release of her latest track titled ‘Peace‘.
The beauty of what Bryde manages to produce has been spoken about here on Nexus in recent weeks, found here. Managing to touch on delicate subjects and convey a sense of real, raw and connective emotion to audiences and fans alike. All whilst retaining a distinct level of identity throughout.
In a fashion that feels unique to Bryde, the latest track continues with what we are calling “The Bryde Style” (Someone, please tell the book of phrases we have created an absolute corker).
sara instax high res
With a natural level of depth, a realisation to match and all executed more swiftly than a U-Turn ordered by a raging sat-nav, it is the combination of these feelings that give the track purpose and direction. Not to be forgotten is the powerful lean towards the sense of contrast. Provided through loud/quiet and soft/heavy timbres, it is fair to conclude that this latest offering is both delicate, yet contains enough bravado to make the most bold of individuals look a little hesitant.
Of the track, Bryde says: “Peace is about the warm glow of two drinks and real connection with another person. It’s about the end of anger and the settling calm after a storm. Being able to be entirely yourself and still be liked. I had to make it the loudest track on the album because if something’s not a little subversive.”

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