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Bryde Provides Audiences with Timeless Emotion on Latest LP 'Like An Island'

Bryde might be best known for her honesty and emotion throughout her performances, but it is still something that comes as a shock to us at Nexus. Audiences and ourselves should be well versed in the delicate nature in which Bryde goes about her business when it comes to music. Her songwriting is always incredible, the heartfelt connection is there to feel in every word and see between every line.
‘Like An Island’ is an 11 track LP (released 13th April), providing nostalgia and showcasing a multitude of feelings. Alongside the notable and always present soul-bearing nature that draws you in, the LP branches right out to raw power and what feels like anger in parts to keep you firmly seated throughout.
If a balance is something that is required to present a product that is considered a success, then Bryde can be thrilled with the results of  ‘Like An Island’.
There must be something in the air amongst those who are or have been based in Wales, with Lost Like Alice also bringing out an EP that showcases similar qualities to Bryde in recent weeks.
Although Bryde is based in busy London now, she has managed to bring a moment of pure tranquillity to the ears of audiences with ‘Like An Island’. For the escapists amongst you, the LP will provide you with that space and removal from the everyday goings on in life and rewards you with 11 tracks of reflection and professionalism.

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