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Bury Tomorrow demonstrate their ambition on breathtaking new track ‘Black Flame’

Bury Tomorrow have always been ahead of the game. The Portsmouth metallers have combined a brutal sound with stunning harmonies throughout their career and this has won them a huge fanbase. They are back with a banger, the title track from their upcoming fifth album ‘Black Flame’, set for release later this year.
‘Black Flame’ contains screams reminiscent of Parkway Drive and big crushing riffs that will leave you foaming at the mouth. An anthemic hymn-like chorus dominates proceedings, showing their ambitious determination.
‘Black Flame’ demonstrates that Bury Tomorrow have stayed true to their sound while amping up the melody and brutality, particularly in that infectious chorus. A track that’s well worth your time.
You can listen to ‘Black Flame’ here.
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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