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Calum Pearce Showcases Talent With The Release of Debut Track 'Missiles'

Calum Pearce, a Scottish song-smith has showcased his talent and potential with this energetic and unique new track. It looks like the young Fifer could be on to something really special with his latest release ‘Missiles’.
Calum PearceLoud, uncompromising and distinct, ‘Missiles’ is a resolute and fearless representation of the way in which Calum aims to plot his course through the industry as he conveys a subject matter and lyrics which are more than suited to the track itself. The lyrics are forged from Pearce’s opposition to nuclear weapons and Trident. There seems to be no shortage of inspiration for Pearce as the Chem19 studio where he recorded the track ‘Missiles’ is located just an hour from the Trident submarine base but is also the location where Franz Ferdinand recorded their second album.
The track is built primarily around fuzzy guitars which contain an output of attitude and melodic accent, the combination of this and the expertise of ex-Dalgados drummer Paul Savage concludes a project that sounds fantastic but can also be seen as the start of something even better for Calum Pearce.


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