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CARRIER are a hardcore quartet from Plymouth. Although they only formed in early 2017, they have a sound that recalls the melodic metalcore of August Burns Red and the visceral hardcore of Counterparts and Stick to Your Guns. The band are due to release a self-titled EP, ‘Wither’ in February. It shows their potential off nicely, with hard-hitting riffs and breakdowns, the raw production helping them stand out.
The first glimpse of this brutality is on the opener “Flowers and Thorns.” This offers a unique element to their sound; the fast paced hardcore giving way to a vicious Counterparts-style breakdown that is fit for a moshpit. This transition also presents itself in “Ghosts.” The presence of a piano and an emotional vocal performance sets the band apart from their contemporaries. When the pace picks up, you can feel the anger as the violent breakdown hits. It’s a crushing curveball, demonstrating the bands diversity nicely.
CARRIER Wither EP.png
The most poignant track on the EP is “Grieve.” It’s a song about death and how the band coped individually after losing a friend. the emotion and passion is clearly shown in the vocal delivery, while the wall of guitars help create a massive impact. The final track, “1015” brings the EP to a calm end, the refrain of “don’t let go” set to resonate strongly with fans at their live shows.
‘Wither’ is a promising debut effort. It’s packed with emotion and hard-hitting riffs, proving that CARRIER have a strong year head of them.
‘Wither’ is self-released on 23rd February.
Words by Ermis Madikopoulos

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